Kanye West tweets ‘shalom’ after ban over anti-Semitic remarks

Kanye West tweeted a Hebrew greeting on Sunday, one month after his Twitter account was suspended over anti-Semitic remarks.

“Testing Testing,” the rapper tweeted. Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked.

The Grammy winner subsequently referenced his former hate speech, writing, “Shalom :).”

The Hebrew word translates to “Peace” and can be used as a salutation when meeting or parting.

Elon Musk, who bought the social media company in April for $44 billion and assumed control last month, “liked” the 45-year-old Yeezy creator’s tweet.

Don’t kill what you hate’ the Tesla CEO, 51, replied. “Save what you love.”

West’s Twitter restriction began in October after he wrote about going “death con 3” on Jewish people.

Musk reacted to the hate speech with a tweet of his own at the time.

“Talked to ye today & expressed my concerns about his recent tweet, which I think he took to heart,” the investor wrote.

West, however, continued to tweet and was suspended from the platform.

In his absence, the songwriter continued to spew anti-Semitic remarks on a since-deleted “Drink Champs” episode, with celebrities including Jamie Lee Curtis and John Legend slamming his behavior.

Kanye West
West’s account was restricted in October.

“Your words hurt and incite violence. … Please stop,” Curtis wrote, while Legend bashed West for claiming to be a “free, independent thinker.”

The American Music Award winner, who later said he was “happy” about his remarks when given the chance to apologize, has since been dropped by Adidas, Balenciaga and more professional connections.

Some of West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s family members even spoke out against him via Instagram, with Khloé Kardashian writing that she supports her “Jewish friends and the Jewish people.”

Candace Owens and Kanye West
Earlier that same month, West made headlines for wearing a “White Lives Matter” tee at Paris Fashion Week.

The fashion designer’s Twitter restriction was lifted in late October.

When he began tweeting again on Nov. 4, he called himself “mentally misdiagnosed.”

“What should be obvious by now is that I was raised to stand for my truth regardless of the consequences,” the record producer captioned a screenshot of an alleged conversation with Harley Pasternak in which the coach threatened to have him “institutionalized.”

West, who has previously disclosed a bipolar disorder diagnosis, claimed to have been “nearly drugged out of.” [his] mind” in the past to be “a manageable, well-behaved celebrity.”


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