Mido Ocean Start GMT 2022

Travel isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes you’re on the move for work, waking up jetlagged, a long way from home, and unsure what time it is back at the office. Sometimes you’re dashing across a foreign city, hoping to make your next flight. Other times, you’re simply standing in line. This is why we love a great travel watch, because whether you’re home or abroad, they manage to capture the romance of travel without forgetting that sometimes you need a tool to manage time in more than one place.

Like any seasoned traveler, the ideal travel watch has to be flexible and thick-skinned, versatile, and always precise. Based on a format established in the golden age of mid-century travel, a great GMT is a travel watch that can easily adjust to new places without losing sight of home. It’s within that jet-set spirit that we teamed up with Mido to create the Ocean Star GMT Limited Edition For Hodinkee.


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